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2022 Participant

"Evan J is a wonderful guide for hunters of any skill level. Hunting can be an intimidating culture to approach from finding someone to teach to knowing how to start, even after taking the Hunters Ed courses. It can be difficult to remember everything from them, but Evan taught me these skills as we went along and soon I was able to pick up each procedure in the moment in the field. He also knew when to give the needed space and patience for when I needed to do things on my own. Thanks to him, I learned about handling the different calibres of firearms, tending to game, cleaning, and etiquette towards the land and other hunters. He gives the needed attention and respect towards those he teaches, recognizing each individual's interests in hunting."


2022 Participant

"I'd never been hunting before, but going out with Evan was a great first experience! Evan is a very knowledgeable hunter, including ethical practices. He was very focused on hunting safety - for humans and animals. He is also very socially conscious and so, I felt safe as a genderqueer, neurodiverse person. I would absolutely recommend Evan to guide your first hunting experience!"

Pictures From 2022 Hunts