About First Hunt Winnipeg:

First Hunt Winnipeg has offered education-oriented mentored hunts since 2022. We guide deer hunts and grouse hunting. We are unique because we operate with three important goals:

1. We prioritize an educational foundation so that our clients, after their sessions with us, feel comfortable continuing their hunting career independently.

2. We cater our mentored hunts to city dwellers, taking them from the city into the bush, showcasing the endless options of public-land hunting available within a 1-hour drive from the Perimeter (no pickup truck, no ATV, no backcountry outfitting lodge needed). So far, for 2023, we've explored 80+ locations, and have 26 remote but public hunting areas scouted for our clients.

3. We cater our mentored hunts to marginalized communities (2SLGBTQIA+ communities, new immigrant communities, urban living new hunters, etc.) by studying and implementing proper language, teaching with patience, communicating without biases, and providing a safe and open space for all parties (teacher and client) to learn.

First Hunt Winnipeg is a registered business in Manitoba, and a licenced Resource Tourism Operator (pending LAC approval).

About Our Team

First Hunt Winnipeg is managed by Evan J (he/they). Evan’s wild food journey began with walleye fishing, and has since expanded to include whitefish and trout ice fishing, berry and mushroom harvesting, grouse and rabbit hunting, waterfowl hunting, deer hunting, moose hunting, elk hunting, and boar hunting. In the past three years, Evan has spent over 500 days hunting and fishing in the Manitoba and Ontario wilderness. Additionally to First Hunt Winnipeg, Evan is a professional poet and short fiction writer, is a teacher of adult education in remote First Nations communities, is an advocate for the 2SLGBTQIA+ community, and is the Programming Coordinator of the Winnipeg International Writers Festival. Evan is a registered Manitoba Hunting Guide, and is trained in First Aid, CRP, and Mental Health First Aid.